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Translator Pro

I was really getting mad using Google Translator to translate something from Czech language, because it was offering “bad” or not accurate translations time to time. Also I wanted to have some convenient way to store all the words I’m currently learning.

So in the end I’ve wrote Translator Pro. It supports a whole bunch of different languages, so near everyone will find one that fits their needs.

So, what can do this Translator Pro? You can search translations for the word. And I can say that with good connection you will not even notice, that translations will be searched in on-line mode. Each word will have as much translations as it is possible, so you will always find “right” translation for the word. After results have been displayed you can add any of them to your own dictionary. And the good thing about it is that you can add new translations or delete translations that you don’t want to learn.

If you are learning 2 or more languages at a time, then you will certainly appreciate context menu of the translated word. From that context menu you can easily find translation of the word in another language or listen to it’s pronunciation.

If you forget words you have translated fast enough then History will help you a lot. You can go back to the previous translation just by clicking on the Back button. Also you can simply look through all words you had ever searched.

In your dictionary you can sort words by date you’ve added them or simply alphabetic. There you can also see words that you already know or start to learn some words again if you fill that you begin forgetting them.

And now we are getting to the moment when some words have been added to the dictionary and you want to learn them. Translator Pro has a built-in module to learn words. It will ask you to type translations of the word that you are currently learning. If the translation was correct than word’s learning progress will be incremented and when progress will finally reach 10 it will be considered that the word was learned. Translator Pro will automatically provide you with words that are needed to be learned the most. And what I like the most about this learning module is that you can set notifications for the learning lessons. I prefer to set time between 20 and 21 so I learn my words every day and simply extend my vocabulary.

Using Translator Pro you can set some things according to you. You can customize number of words to learn in one lesson, time when to learn and set languages that you interested in. Also you can turn off overriding of “Back” button or disable languages that you are not intend to use.

Currently supported directions of the translation are:

  • Czech-English
  • English-Czech
  • Czech-Russian
  • Russian-Czech
  • Czech-German
  • German-Czech
  • Czech-Spanish
  • Spanish-Czech
  • Czech-Italic
  • Italic-Czech
  • Czech-French
  • French-Czech
  • Romanian-English
  • Romanian
  • Serbian-English
  • Serbian
  • Slovak-English
  • Slovak
  • Swedish-English
  • Tagalog-English
  • Tagalog
  • Thai-English
  • English-Thai
  • Turkish-English
  • English-Turkish
  • Ukrainian-English
  • English-Ukrainian
  • Vietnamese-English
  • English-Vietnamese
  • Yiddish-English
  • English-Yiddish
  • Greek-English
  • English-Greek
  • Portuguese-English
  • English-Portuguese
  • Korean-English
  • English-Korean
  • Latin-English
  • English-Latin
  • Latvian-English
  • English-Latvian
  • Lithuanian-English
  • English-Lithuanian
  • Persian-English
  • English-Persian
  • Polish-English
  • English-Polish
  • Croatian-English
  • English-Croatian
  • Dutch-English
  • English-Dutch
  • Estonian-English
  • English-Estonian
  • Finnish-English
  • English-Finnish
  • Hebrew-English
  • English-Hebrew
  • Hungarian-English
  • English-Hungarian
  • Indonesian-English
  • English-Indonesian
  • Japanese-English
  • English-Japanese
  • Russian-English
  • English-Russian
  • Russian-Azeri
  • Russian-Estonian
  • Russian-French
  • Russian-German
  • Russian-Hebrew
  • Russian-Spanish
  • Russian-Turkish
  • German-English
  • English-German
  • German-French
  • German-Hungarian
  • German-Italian
  • German-Polish
  • German-Russian
  • German-Slovak
  • German-Turkish
  • Italian-English
  • English-Italian
  • Spanish-English
  • English-Spanish
  • Spanish
  • Spanish
  • Spanish
  • Spanish
  • French-English
  • English-French
  • Albanian-English
  • English-Albanian
  • Arabic-English
  • English-Arabic
  • Bosnian-English
  • English-Bosnian
  • Bulgarian-English
  • English-Bulgarian
  • Chinese-English
  • English-Chinese

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